Biotix Universal Pipette Tips | Lab Manager

2022-12-13 08:19:02 By : Mr. David Han

-Available in 2 uL, 10uL, 100uL, 200uL, 250uL, 300uL, 1000uL, and 1250uL sizes

-Secure fit on the widest range of single and multi-channel pipettes Perkin Elmer Pipette Tips

Biotix Universal Pipette Tips | Lab Manager

-Rack design uses 30% less plastic than leading competitors. 

-All tips are tested and certified free of DNase, RNase, endotoxins, pyrogens, ATP, and PCR inhibitors. 

The flexible proximal end in Biotix tips consist of thick and thin ribs. This creates a seal with maximum flexibility forming a secure fit on the widest range of pipettes with light attachment force.

Biotix proprietary low retention resin maximizes your sample recovery by creating a smooth interior surface reducing sample holdup on the inside of the tip. 

The fine point in Biotix tips impairs the forming of hanging droplets on the distal end after dispensing sample. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and allows for a more precise measurement.

Biotix universal tips are precisely engineered to provide industry leading accuracy on the widest range of pipettes. Biotix tips are available in a wide range of packaging formats designed to use less plastic.

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Biotix Universal Pipette Tips | Lab Manager

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